Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Na Jomtien’s shores lies Viewtalay Marina, a beacon of luxury marina living that effortlessly merges Thai and Balinese architectural grace with the contemporary desires of today’s discerning homeowner. As we introduce you to this pinnacle of seaside living, imagine a life where the sea is your companion, and elegance your constant backdrop.

Viewtalay Marina, completed in June 2008, is an exclusive community featuring 42 opulent houses that celebrate the serene yet lavish lifestyle. Each villa, a sanctuary in its own right, is adorned with private pools, water pavilions at the entrance, and a personal berth for your yacht, accentuating the nautical essence of the marina environment​​.

But what truly sets Viewtalay Marina apart is its dedication to harmonious living, respecting the feng-shui principles to ensure positive energy flow throughout the development. The interiors, a testament to refined aesthetics, are decked with Southeast Asian antiques and artwork that evoke a sense of history and culture​​.

Whether you’re a seafaring enthusiast or simply seeking a haven of peace and luxury, Viewtalay Marina is not just a home, but a lifestyle choice. With units ranging from cozy two-bedrooms to expansive six-bedroom villas, there’s a piece of paradise for every family size and preference​​.

Embrace the chance to reside in a place where luxury is woven into the landscape, and every sunset is a celebration of the life you’ve chosen. Viewtalay Marina is more than an address;

Villa For Sale in Pattaya in View Talay Marina

Discover your own piece of paradise:

Villa For Sale in Pattaya in View Talay Marina Na Jomtien

it’s a statement of living life at its peak, a declaration of achieving harmony between nature, luxury, and one’s sense of home. Discover the privilege of marina living where every day is a journey to tranquility and every moment a memory in the making. Welcome to Viewtalay Marina – your gateway to the epitome of marina elegance.