Property Rental Brokerage

We prepare the rental contract, collect deposit (if necessary) representing the owner/tenant until lease agreement has been signed.

We take the deal from the beginning to the end securely and legally. We keep you informed about progress of the deal along each step of the way and ask your permission appropriately.

Rent brokerage pricing:

  • On signing of agreement for six months, our fee is half of one month rent value
  • On signing of agreement for one year rent, our fee is one month rent value
  • On short term rent agreements our fee is on mutual consent but not less than ฿9000

Paid by landlord

Broker fee covers:

  • Gathering information about the object in the case, inc. taking photos etc.
  • Advertising on Internet, on our own web site as well as on real estate portals in Europe and Thailand
  • Working with all involved documents verifying, checking as well as making sure these are done with accordance to laws
  • Introducing, showing the object to the client on our own cost.